is more than just an e-shop with toys.

„Children don't play to learn. They learn because they play.“ This statement is the basis for the selection of our educational toys. In this way, children's toys support the education of our children and, at the same time, bring them much fun.

Our educational toys for children from two to seven-year-olds greatly emphasise the pedagogic educational aspect. Playing encourages children to experiment and learn. You can find educational toys in our offer recommended by professionals who occupy themselves with developing preschool children‘s skills.

When selecting the toys, we emphasised the quality of the materials the toy is made of. You can find wooden toys and a wide range of eco-friendly children‘s toys on our offer. The critical aspect that we follow when selecting our products is the safety and durability of our products. We choose our suppliers with care and look at their approach and compliance with strict safety norms and rules.

Choose from our offer for the little ones:

  •         wooden toys
  •         children’s puzzles,
  •         construction sets,
  •         creative tools,
  •         educational games.

Our goal is to develop the potential of all children. Every product in our range is an educational tool that cannot be found in ordinary kids’ stores. Our toys are characterised by originality and high quality. On top of that, our professionals have created methodical themes in compliance with the innovative State educational program ISCED 0.

These additional values are found only at LERNITOYS:

Expertise and educational qualities

We have been active in the educational field for more than ten years. Our lectors who select our products also create methodological instruction to didactic tools and write specialised articles and tips are professionals with long-term experience.

Why buy „only“ some toys when you can purchase one that develops a child's skills and competencies? Every product has passed by a strict selection of our professional lectors and has to provide educational function.

Thanks to this, your child will have fun with our toys and develop their abilities and competencies.


Are you searching for what to gift to your child? Does it bother you that you only find the same toys in every toy store or e-shop? And you don’t want to buy the x-version of the same product? You have come to the right e-shop. The product that you find at LERNI cannot be found anywhere else.

Your child will play with toys that will interest them for longer, and all of their friends or classmates will want the same toys 😊

Quality and safety

It is not for nothing that it is said that we are not rich enough to buy cheap things.

We select our products only from certified suppliers. These products will be used at home, mainly in kindergartens, where many kids have used them for several years. Our products meet these demanding criteria with no problems.

You don’t have to worry about whether the toys will get broken easily or in case of kids playing by themselves the child will not get injured.

The list of the advantages is not at the end yet

Loyalty program

We greatly appreciate our loyal customers at LERNI. For every purchase on our e-shop, you will receive loyalty credits, 50 credits for 1 EURO. These credits may be used as discounts for your next purchase or to purchase our unique products from the Bonus Club (available only for registered customers).

You will save with every purchase.

If you would like to use this fantastic benefit, please remember to register before shopping with us.

Amazing customer service

Are you new to shopping on e-shops? Do you need help with how to order correctly? Please send us your order via e-mail, and our customer service will create the order for you.

Satisfaction guaranty

We sell only high-quality toys and didactic tools. You will be satisfied with your order. We guarantee you the possibility of a money return for up to 100 days!

Shopping with us is easy, safe and without any problems for everyone.


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